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Michael Pollack is a licensed general contractor in both California and Arizona. He is actively involved in every phase of construction for all Michael A. Pollack Real Estate Investment projects. His wealth of knowledge, innovative ideas and extensive construction and development expertise have delivered over 10 million square feet of successful renovation and development projects.


Under Michael’s leadership, the construction division is primarily responsible for both renovations of existing buildings as well as expansion and new development of commercial projects. The construction division works with carefully screened architectural firms to develop a full set of plans for any new or redevelopment project and employs a rigorous pre-construction planning process including obtaining multiple bids from qualified sub contractors. Construction loan packages are put together where required to obtain project funding, and a detailed financial analysis is completed. Our seasoned construction team oversees the build out of the project to assure that the project is delivered within budget and on schedule.


Current Projects

Micheal A. Pollack Real Estate Investments redevelopment projects have encompassed in the past from small to large, ranging from a single building to multiple complexes. Redevelopment is the arena in which Michael A. Pollack is most well-known. It is one of the most effective ways to breathe new life into deteriorated areas plagued by social, physical, environmental or economic conditions which act as a barrier to new investment by private enterprise. Through redevelopment, a project area will receive focused attention and financial investment to reverse deteriorating trends, create jobs, revitalize the business climate, and gain active participation and investment by citizens in the community which would not otherwise occur.

Click on a link below to view some of the most recent projects Pollack Investments is currently working on in Arizona.


Union Plaza
Gilbert & Ray
Olive Plaza
Gilbert Plaza II
Alma School Village Shoppes II

Renovation Projects

Apache Central Center – Tempe, AZ
Bethany Plaza – Phoenix, AZ
Bethany Square – Phoenix, AZ
Cactus Village – Phoenix, AZ
Compass Bank – Chandler, AZ
El Monte Plaza – Phoenix, AZ
Flowing Wells – Tucson, AZ
Gilbert Encinas Plaza – Gilbert, AZ
Gilbert Plaza – Mesa, AZ
Glendale Central Center – Glendale, AZ
Glenfair Plaza – Glendale, AZ
Hatcher Plaza – Phoenix, AZ
Main Street Plaza – Mesa, AZ
Marcos De Niza Plaza – Tempe, AZ
North Park Plaza – Chandler, AZ
Pollack Corporate Center – Mesa, AZ
Southwind Plaza – Tempe, AZ
Sun Valley Plaza – Mesa, AZ
Village Grove Plaza – Mesa, AZ
Warner Plaza – Chandler, AZ
Westview Plaza – Phoenix, AZ

Development Projects

Pollack Business Park North
Pollack Professional Plaza
Cooper Plaza